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Pastor John H. Martin, Jr.

God has a unique way of showing us purpose for us. Pastor, Preacher, Teacher, Counselor, and servant are just few words to describe this man of God, Pastor John H. Martin, Jr.  Born in Refugio, Texas (Spanish for Refuge) and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, (Spanish for Body Christ) by a God- fearing mother and aunt Pastor Martin grew up with a healthy respect for the Word of God and the power of prayer.  Through poverty and adversity God has shaped his world view and his heart for people and ministry.



Pastor Martin graduated from Paul Quinn College in 1984 and Quenna Martin in June the same.  A family man, his family continued to be blessed with the addition of three sons, Jonathan, Jon Robert, and Michael. 



 In 1990 he was called to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.  In his desire to give God his best he moved to Princeton, New Jersey in 1994 to pursue a Masters of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary.  After graduating in 1997 he was Pastor of Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church.  Pastor Martin’s love of the Word of God is visibly seen in his peaching and teaching.  His burning passion is to empower God’s people with the Word of God to face any with confidence that they can live victoriously through the power of the Holy Spirit and faith in Jesus Christ.



In the 21st century Pastor Martin is to face the challenges of ministry by “Impacting the people of the world by spreading the love of Jesus Christ.

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